Thursday, February 26, 2009

The devil & angel in us.

CP is a sweet, mature, attractive and a very successful lady. In character and behaviour, she has always been kind and helpful to all her friends and colleagues. Out of jealousy because of her popularity, one of her younger colleague criticised and condemned behind her back. Out of anger, CP refused to befriend this staff. Sometimes CP had bad thoughts against the younger girl, though she might not know about it. Came one day, when this girl who returned from a short holiday, brought back some gifts and happily gave each and every of her colleagues in the office a souvenir. She did not forget to give one to CP too. When CP received this little present, she felt so touched and shameful. Emotional she was guilty because her mind was against her friend earlier. In her heart she thought she was pure and sincere but her mind was sinful to be corrupted. Not knowing why she behaved wrongly, CP was frank to relate her thought to me.

The only simple reason I gave CP was..everyone of us has a devil and angel in us. Sometimes the devil is greater when he wins but those who have beautiful angels tend to live more happier all the time. Listen to Abraham Lincoln's statement and we will never fail in dealing with others - "I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend".

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