Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have some fun in our work.

In our insurance industry, we called ourselves in many ways. Those days, we were addressed as Life Insurance Agent and today you have all types of titles. Even in my company the successful one,are given a heavy name. The agents are called Wealth Planners and the Agency Managers are taken as Wealth Leaders. To keep our people all track, the company would text message to us everyday to invite us to all sort of trainings, seminars, gatherings, etc and etc...until we don't bother to look into their messages anymore. They are too standardised and are not innovative in their presentation.

My hands were itchy and my mind was restless, when I wrote this message on my hand phone.. "Dear Prulove Planner, u are the only one cordially invited to participate in our one2one Sex&LoveWealthAccumulation session at our auditorium at DI3. Time at 1.30am on Feb 22. Interested pls contact RF, our only SoulPlanner".

Out of curiosity, I sent the above message to four lady colleagues to see what their reaction would be like. Immediately I had three responses which made me laughed. The first one.."Oop! Correction 22 Feb is Sabbath Day cannot talk sex issue lo". The second one.. "Very creative larling!!!" The third was the one I like most.. "Yes...:-) ... on on!!"

How I wish our company could be more creative than me. My belief..."All work no play, makes Jack a dull dull boy!!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Haahahahahaaha....I cant imagine how life would be without play.
My facial looks would look older than my age hahahahaha...
Laughter is the remedy to many PAIN.
And I just cured one of my pain today with this article hahahaha

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

Keep laughing my dear. The purpose of this blog is meant to make my readers to smile and laugh in their heart.