Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Women love dresses.

All ladies love dresses, including my little darling. To be her ideal man, I have to learn how to be patience while she shops for her clothing. Whenever there are special promotion in a shopping mall, you rest assured all women would be there. The reduction of prices would make them go crazy to shop.

The other day, while little darling were picking some fashionable designs in this new outlet, I had a chance to speak to a male promoter who spoke on some characters and behaviour of female shoppers. He said, ladies are much fussy shoppers than men. You have to give them time and patience is again mentioned. You cannot push them, neither can you rush them. They look at design, quality, price and fitting. They can spend hours in one boutique, and might not buy, if non of the dresses suit them. Or perhaps they just want to feel beautiful trying new dresses without buying. There are two types of female shoppers which sounded interesting to me. The first are the perfectionists who buy nothing except the best. They go into details, to make sure the dresses have no flaw and defect. These type of ladies are usually sharp, intelligence, smart, attractive, successful, unfriendly, unapproachable, fussy and have taste of life. The second are the easy going type who are more friendly and approachable. Without women, this fashion industry would not survive.

Some tips for the gentlemen. If you intend to court a lady, invite her to an expensive and fashionable boutique. Let her feel the attractive surrounding, encourage her to try those she likes and make sure you pay for whatever she buys. Sometimes unintentionaly I had quarrels and misunderstanding with little darling, the best way to patch up is to take her to the boutique too. Words might not work but dresses for her will. Am I right sweetheart?

This quote on happiness by Spike Milligan - "Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery".


Just Me said...

I love that quote... I hate when people say Money won't buy happiness... well, on pay day I am certainly happy! When I have money I am happy - when I don't have money, I am sad.

Robert Foo said...

Hi LMc...

I am glad you are back reading my naughty blog again.

I believe...those who don't spend would not be high earner...the more you dare and like spending..the more you would do well. Be happy and spend.