Monday, February 09, 2009

How to stay rooted in my career?

Over a recent dinner with some of my fellow industry colleagues, they asked me this question... How to stay successfully and permanently in selling life insurance without distraction from outside influence? Is a good question because not many agents could stay long enough to deliver what have been promised to our clients. Along the way, there bound to have many obstacles and challenges which might deter one to continue selling. Rejections, lack of motivation, no inspiration, lonesome, no sales, counter offer of another career or job, family problem, health and personal problem and many more countless reasons.

Before being successful in our business, you have to burn your 'bridge of opportunity' first. To do that, the logical and sensible way is to earn much more than when you first started. Let say.. prior to you joining this business, you were earning only RM36,000 per year. Later when you are selling life insurance, your income has double after three year... the chance is, you might quit if someone offers a job that could triple your previous salary. This could happen, especially if you are facing some unhappiness and frustation in your business. The only way to make selling life insurance as a permanent career is to earn at least ten times more than what you had before. Once you reach that level, it would be very difficult for anyone to influence or even tempts you to leave. The reason is... you are too rich to be taken away from now. Money can change everything.. including our career and character. This is true facts of life again.

To be successful, just love and have passion on what you are doing. Success will come naturally. Success is a bit easier but permanent is more difficult in this business. I am successful in insurance because I love selling and I cannot quit because nobody can afford to pay me at this moment. In short I am rooted to it!

My belief - "Insurance company offers it's protection covers but I added love & passion to make them irresistable to purchase".

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