Sunday, February 01, 2009

One handed silence!!!

Maram shared this with me...Silence is Golden.

The soldiers are tired and lonely after spending weeks in enemy territory. To entertain them the Major called for this HOT number from the nearby town.

She came, danced and when the first dance was done, the soldiers went mad. They clapped for 5 minutes.

For her second number she stripped and danced in sheer bra and G strings. This time the applause went for 10 minutes.

The next number she danced topless, and this time the applause went on and on. The Major had to come on stage and ask them to quiet down for the grand finale.

For her last number, she was to strip completely and dance naked. The Major expected the soldiers to make enough noise to bring the roof down. But ten minutes later, there is no clapping and the dancer comes backstage.

The Major asks her, "What happened? How come there was no clapping this time?" She replied, "Major, how do you expect those poor boys to clap with only one hand!?"

Food for thought - "Silence is the virtue of fools." - Francis Bacon


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

There you go....hahahahaha morning laugh for me...funny, funny, hahahaha
thanks for sharing major.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

I am glad I could make you laugh on a Sunday.