Sunday, February 08, 2009

The young hearted has the courage.

I was once thrown with this interesting question in a party. It can be applicable to either sex. It goes like this... You have a willing partner who is prepared to make love with you. You have five choices to pick. 1.. To make love in a normal room. 2.. Make love in the bathtub. 3.. Make love in a car. 4.. Make love under the bushes in the night. 5.. Make love on the beach with a full moon.

Most of our friends, selected the normal room. A handful picked the bathtub and quite many like the car for some excitement. Nobody fancy the bushes and I was the only one who took the last choice for a change. I believe the way we opted for our fantasies, reflects the character of a person.

Those who selected the room were not risk taker, did not like changes, lived a routine way of life and had less challenges in their doing. The handful who picked the bathtub were also not risk taker but had the tendency to try changing if necessary. Might be playful but had some shyness in them. The many who darn to make love in the car were risk takers in an unlimited zone. They were mischievous and the naughty type. There was no taker for the bushes and I have no comment here. I strongly believe the one who had the courage to make love on the beach had a young heart. Must be a romantic guy who was not the least be bother on how others look at him.

What about you? Would appreciate, if you could let me know how you feel about your choice. You might be young but do you feel young in the first place. Your honest answer can reveal your heart.

Food for thought - "Courage is a special kind of knowledge: the knowledge of how to fear what ought to be feared and how not to fear what ought no to be feared." - David Ben-Gurion


eimir (+601132168885) said...

if i have a partner who is prepared, I, definitely choose to do all the 5 options, one after another!!


Robert Foo said...

Hi Eimir...

Success is meant only for the brave. Congratulation! You have the courage because you finally created your own blog now since Feb 2009. Thank you for linking my name there too.