Thursday, February 05, 2009

Life Insurance offers dignity

Last weekend I had a chance to drive to Muar, a small town 3hrs away from our city. I was actually doing a favour for a friend and his wife, who wanted to go home for the Chinese New Year holiday. My friend could no longer drive ever since he had a severe stroke few years ago. His wife was extremely happy that I could render such favour for them. During the journey, we had some good sharing and laughing, when this was spoken by the lady.

The husband, namely Lim AB was a self employed man before he retired. During those hay days when he was in business, he was always surrounded by many friends. They were all heavy drinkers and smokers. You could hardly see him not drinking even for one day a year. At the beginning, his wife was trying to control him on this bad habit. From habitual drinking, he became an alcoholic, one who could not live without alcohol. His hands trembled when alcohol was deprived. Prior to his alcoholic addiction, I managed to persuade this friend to effect a life policy through me. He was 'penny smart, pound foolish' because he could spend lavishly on his drinks and cigarettes but not prepared to have a bigger insurance cover for himself. With less than RM180 per month, I gave him the minimum protection. However he did not honour his word and in a very short period of time, he refused to continue to pay the premium.

Instinct tells me that Lim AB needed the protection more than I needed the sale. Knowing he was irresponsible, I approached his wife who was only a simple housewife. The following was spoken by this woman while she was in my car. She said, "Robert, if you had not patiently and logically explaining this life insurance needs to me 15 years ago, I won't have forced myself to pay this premium from my hard saved monthly allowance every month. Though the plan might be small in cover but when my husband got the stroke 4 years ago, that little payment from the insurance claim really meant a lot to us. We did not have to borrow, neither did we disturb our young working children then. We stood tall to face the outcome of uncertainties in life. After paying all those medical fees, I still have some cash in the bank currently. You have given me hope, dignity and confidence Robert. Thank you so much for your wisdom in understanding the facts of life." I was touched emotionally while driving on the highway with them.

Food for thought - "Enthusiasm is the best protection in any situation. Wholeheartedness is contagious. Give yourself, if you wish to get others"— Dr. David Seabury.

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