Monday, February 02, 2009

A woman changes a man's life.

One of my relative has three sons. Let me just called them by John, Gary and Andrew. John and Gary as being older, were considered as well behaved children, completed their degrees. Andrew who was the youngest did not finished his education. He mixed with the wrong friends who taught him to smoke and drink. Being treated as a black sheep in his family, he did not like coming home most of the time.

Both John and Gary were very popular with girls, as they were handsome and had a sociable personality. John was married to a billionaire daughter and Gary was married to a politician daughter later. At the beginning their parents were so proud of their achievement, whereas Andrew was totally neglected. Out of desperation and frustration, Andrew went alone to England to seek for employment. However things changed, when they realised John and Gary were not to be seen. The reason was, John and Gary, both have powerful father-in laws who dictate their lives. Instead of staying with their own parents, they were compelled to be with the in-law houses. They spent more time with the in-laws, rather than with their parents. The parents were unhappy because they were not comfortable with their daughter-in-laws who were rich in status. Indirectly, they felt that their sons were being taken away from them.

While working in London, Andrew met another girl who works like him as foreigner worker. Though she is only a simple girl with little education, she taught Andrew the right attitude of life. She encouraged him to work hard, be responsible, to save and be caring to his parents. The friendship blossomed to romance, when Andrew married this loving and most understanding lady. The influence of his wife, made Andrew to be a better son who cares and be more thoughtful to his parents now. He sent regular cash allowances to his parents, the last time when his mum was admitted to the hospital...he insisted to pay all her medical bills, made periodical telephone calls home and came home every christmas to make the parents happy. A black sheep that turns over a new leaf, whom the least the parents expected. I feel great for them too.

Conclusion; "Woman is important for a man, she can change you in everyway possible. Be it the bad or the good".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

It also takes a good MAN to make the woman MANAGE the man.
Its the LOVE and respect and all the other spices that blends into the DEVELOPment of the man's and woman's LIFE.I couldn't agree more to your statement.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL.

Thank you for agreeing my statement.