Sunday, February 15, 2009

Loves Giver.

Yesterday was a Valentine's Day when the world exchanged the gesture of love. How I wish everyday is a Valentine's Day when everyone is consciously aware of giving out love willingly and not just one day a year. I sent our numerous sms messages to those whom I thought were the reserve one. It was written as.."Have you hug & kiss those you love today? Otherwise try me. Haha!! Happy Naughty Valentine."

Most people know love is a pleasurable feeling and its good to give out. However many are reluctant loves givers. The reasons could be plentiful; shy, afraid, pride, self-esteem, selfish, unfriendly, unwilling, not sure, not taught and many more.

These could happen any where... a young child has done well in school, the parents only feel proud in their heart and not utter a word of praise to him. However if the child makes a mistake, the parents promptly nag at him.

Or perhaps.... Your boyfriend has done a great favour for you. Most likely he might just received a word of thank you and you feel nice having him around. If the girl is not shy, she should also hug and kiss the boyfriend to show her appreciation.

In the home... The husband comes back from a hard day's work. The wife as usual is happy to see him home safely. If she is romantic, she should immediately offer a tender kiss to the man and whisper into his ear..."I am glad to see you darling coz I miss you the whole day".

Over the dinner... the wife has prepared a delicious meal for the family. After the dinner, father and children would just watch tv to relax the evening. The children are not taught to say thank you to the mom for cooking such good food. An understanding father could have hugged his wife and quietly say..."Your food is tasty as ever and we shall make love later darling".

Love creates happiness. It provides inspiration and motivation. What about you? Are you a love giver or energy giver.

Food for thought - "I love you and you love me. That's all we'll ever need."


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Both love and energy giver and receiver makes a balance of that happiness.
I prefer to be that "balance" heee

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

Hi RL,

I love you sister for being such a wonderful balanced person.