Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Selling is like love & romance.

To enjoy selling life insurance is to know how to have fun out of this career. I relate it as like courting a woman I love. To fall in love is easy at the beginning, when the fire burns wild and exciting. But to maintain a love relationship isn't easy because a lot of effort has to be given, in order to keep the desire to love and be loved.

Selling insurance works the same manner. Is not a problem to sell but to stay in the business on a longer term might be hard. All prospective new agents came with a strong desire to succeed this challenging career. The first few weeks or months, they smiled their way to the friends to buy. They thought and assumed, they had fallen in love with the business. They could be just looking at the sales by converting it to dollars and profits they earned. A love relationship needs attention and sacrifices for the love and the romance to grow. Similarly in our business, our clients require our care and concern as well. These are the period, when sales should not be in our mind but rather as to develop our client's relationship to another level of understanding.

My advice to my fellow colleagues. If you are in the first year of this business, most likely you can concentrate 100% in just selling to new prospects, because you don't have a client's base yet. To those who are in the second and third year, please allow 80% of your time in selling and 20% in serving too. Above 5th year, 60% selling and 40% serving. Above 10th year, 40% selling and 60% serving. As far as I am concerned, I hardly sell because most of the time I am having fun with my clients who have turned to be my good friends now. When they are not happy and have problems, I will be the first one to be by their side to listen to their sorrow. The good part of it, when they smile and are joyful for some special reasons, they will also never fail to inform me. I solved their problems when needed and I recommended life insurances when they are riding high on their achievement.

I know how to tickle my little darling for offering her sincere love to me. At the same time, I also know how to be kind and caring to my clients who in turn love to deal business with me all these years. To succeed in life insurance, love your clients as you love your sweetheart...I rest assure you, you will enjoy this business. Have fun!!!

From a lady who loves me - "The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction."
Chanakya quotes (Indian politician, strategist and writer, 350 BC-275BC)

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