Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love is energy.

Fizah, my secretary who has been working faithfully with me for sixteen years. Of late, I noticed she is forgetful and even our associates are complaining. This should not have happened because she is only in her mid forties. Last Saturday, by chance I met her in the office when it was quiet, I took the opportunity to have a good chat with her.

Looking deep into her eyes, I could see the little unhappiness in this poor girl of mine. I could understand, her heart was sad and empty. When the heart is unhappy, one don't see the world as beautiful and without love the mind lacks the energy to move. Everyone needs to love and be loved. To love and not loved, one will loose the drive to live.

Fizah has been a very committed staff to us. We might not be in the office most of the time, but with one hand of hers, she could manage all our works as instructed. Answering all our clients telephone calls and gave the supportive replies as needed. I term all her effort and services rendered to us and our clients as love. She gave it whole heartily with passion and all my clients could feel the sincerity of her work. However few months ago, her father whom she loved so much, passed away all of a sudden from a heart attack. Fizah is a single lady who has never fallen in love with any man before. To her, a father was like her darling, mentor and best friend. The lost of him was a terrible blow to the daughter. She has another younger sister who is happily marry and staying in a different state. Her mum is currently staying with her. I am sure, the mother is equally sad because the dad is no longer around to cheer the quiet home at the moment.

While talking to her, emotionally she felt like crying. The neglected lady had given too much love to others, but there was no love given to her in return. In the cycle of love, it comprises the earthly love, family love and intimate love. The earthly love is normally one way, when one has to give to devoting to a job, career or business. The family love is where one can benefit the return of love again. In Fizah's case, the late father was the one who gave the love energy to her constantly. There is no intimate love for her as she isn't married.

My advice to Fizah... to love her mother more now. To hug and touch her mother more often, because the skin and skin contact is important to both. Hugging is distressing for all human beings. Secondly, it is never too late to fall in love, go out and seek her ideal man. Finally don't take me as a boss, treat me as a best friend who cares and understands. Before leaving the office, I gave her a tight hug which she missed so much. I believe her problem was solved.

Food for thought - "Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves." - Henri Frederic Amiel.

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