Friday, February 13, 2009

I hope u like working with us.

The last twenty seven years, I had served four CEOs, many Senior Directors and Managers while working with my present company. People come and go! You really can't stop them from leaving. Some left for better prospects and few were asked to leave. Was sad to see my good colleagues leaving because we were like a big family working together.

Today I got a chance to meet another two new young vibrant executives who came to my office. They are management staffs who provide us on agency support. Ryan Hew is thirty two and Warren Wong is twenty nine. Their eyes tell that they are ready to work and to prove their worth with our company. Ryan has plenty of love on his face because he is married with a wonderful wife who delivered a new born baby. Warren is still unsure coz he has to seek for his ideal woman but with his intelligence look, I am sure he has plenty to offer. In order to understand them better, I requested both to sign their signatures plus writing four simple words. I might not be expert in reading hand writing but with many years of observing and learning, I could assess both these two gentlemen are aggressive and responsible person by their words written. I feel proud and happy that our company has recruited such quality personals to work along with our agencies.

My advice to them was...they have the intelligence and now is the time for them to apply their smartness on their work. Remember our theme...Listening and to Understand in whatever you rest assure this theme and slogan would not fail you. The only thing I expect from them is faithfulness because getting people to work is easy but to have committed and sincere staffs to work faithfully for life is definitely very difficult. Before they left my office, I wanted them to promise me a favour...if ever you have a thought to resign in the near future, please do come and speak to me first. I might change your mind! Because I believe you are already working with the best company in town. Otherwise I won't have been here for the last 27 years and with some luck, I would want to stay on for another 27 years. They left shaking my both hands firmly to acknowledge my spoken words.

I do hope my two friends were listening - "There is a Universe in the sound of every voice, and if you're a patient listeners, you can often sense the heartbeat in the long silences between the words" - Neenah Ellis.


Jarod Lee said...

I meet Warren and I agree with you his is a smart guy. Thanks for helping the company keeping the talent, if you are right.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Jarod..

I am glad you still follow my blog. I could not help you to stay with us much longer but I will try to enourage these two new interesting colleagues to remain as long as possible.