Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have bad dreams.

Is good to have dreams. Dream to be successful or getting your ideal partner in life. Over a party nite, a SYT was telling us she had crazy and horrible dreams. We were thinking, she was referring to goals she was dreaming for. She said, "No! I have scary dreams every nite while sleeping". These dreams were not good for her because her sleeps were very much being disturbed. She tried all types of way to free herself, by changing bed, slept in different positions and drinking milk before sleeping. Nothing works and yet the dreams kept haunting her nite after nite.

According to Britannica, dreams are...Series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep, particularly sleep accompanied by rapid eye movement (REM sleep). Dream reports range from the very ordinary and realistic to the fantastic and surreal. Humans have always attached great importance to dreams, which have been variously viewed as windows to the sacred, the past and the future, or the world of the dead. Dreams have provided creative solutions to intellectual and emotional problems and have offered ideas for artistic pursuits. A type of cognitive synthesis that facilitates conscious insight may occur subconsciously during dreaming. The most famous theory of the significance of dreams is the psychoanalytic model of Sigmund Freud; in Freud's view, desires that are ordinarily repressed (hidden from consciousness) because they represent forbidden impulses are given expression in dreams, though often in disguised (i.e., symbolic) form.

Looking at the SYT face and her eyes, I could see something amiss. I asked her, "Mind if I ask you some personal question! Have you got a boyfriend at this moment?" She admitted she had but not now. This was what I told her... I think you are a lady who needs to be loved. By suppressing her emotion and desire, she is stressful in her mind and heart. The unwanted tension and pressure, create frustration and anxiety. She might look attractive outside but in actual fact, she hasn't the peace of mind most of the time and thus lead her to all the horrible dreams when she sleeps.

My advices to her. Fall in love again and your dreams would be more pleasant. Last nite, I received a call from this happy lady. She said, "Thank you so much. I no longer have bad dreams. I have found a new love".

My belief - "When you have horrible dreams, it's high time you have to dream of your love".

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