Monday, October 26, 2009

How to sell a blank paper with a value price?

TC Cheng, one of my blog reader wrote to me with this question, "How to sell a blank paper with a value price… ?What do u thk.."

Mmmmmm! Sound interesting! With a creative naughty mind, the first thought that came to me was "Love & Romance". Love is a blank paper, which could be expressed by our five senses; sight, listen, smell, taste and touch. True love comes with a beautiful romance which is priceless.

To fall in love or to let another person to fall in love with you, the five senses have to be placed accordingly. To identify the rightful loving person, we have to see and observe the other opposite sex. Each and everyone of us feels differently, but our eyes are the first to capture the attention of the other person. Seeing is believing! However to reinforce the sighting of a pretty lady, listening is even more important to determine the inner of this beauty. At the same time, let the smell and taste of the human senses to explore and venture. Lastly the brave and courageous one would attempt to apply the touch to create a sensation love within the two. I believe, if a man could sincerely apply the magic of these five senses to any beauty with passion and desire, he would be able to sell his LOVE to her. Love is relatively a blank paper, but beautifully express from heart to heart with "I Love You." The price always ends with a fantastic romance until infinity. Yes the man sells a blank paper with a value price in that sense.

I consider myself a very lucky and blessed gentleman who sells 'love & romance'. Selling life insurance is related to love & romance. Just like the above illustration of making people fall in love, selling insurance is to make my clients fall in love with me. My Godly given five senses help me to reflex my character of humbleness, kindness, intelligence, humour, creativeness, understanding, commitment, responsible and plenty of passion to shower. My sincere love has touched all my clients who are willing to accept my 'blank paper' with a promise. A promise that i will be there for them, if they need me most when an untimely death or accident happens to them. I promise to make sure their surviving families will live in dignity and respect, when they are no longer around. I promise their children will be able to continue their studies. I promise to be their guardian until i no longer around as well. My love and promises are priceless. I could do it because i am a life insurance agent. Indirectly i am also selling a blank paper with a value price.

TC Cheng
... I hope you accept my views and had answered to your question too.

Food for thought - "Success, happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment - the most priceless of human treasures - are available to all among us, without exception, who make things happen - who make "good" things happen - in the world around them” - Joe Klock.


DengDeng said...

A wise person will answer this question with his wisdom.

A sales/business person will answer this question with his creative idea to make $.

This question was brought up in my insurance's organization training. The answers given was not satisfied to me due to too common and without the creativity.

My personal answering will be:
"If I am selling this piece of paper to you with RMXXX and this piece of paper will immediately giving u ten times of return, do you want to buy from me?"

Most the answers received will be "YES".

This tactics is similar to the MLM program. It focusing on the human's curiosity and greed. This is the business mindset. ;)

While with the wisdom mindset, the answer was given by Mr. Robert Foo.

Robert Foo said...

Hi DengDeng,

Thank you for your compliment and also reading my blog.