Thursday, October 08, 2009

Little pain saves the bigger pain.

Few years ago when Honey Lee bought her hospital & surgical insurance from me, she was crying in pain. She had to cough out some money every month to pay for this medical card. Initially she had to adjust her spending, to spend less on dresses and makeup or to see lesser movies a month. She could feel the pain in her pocket. There were several occasions when she wanted to terminate this plan, but i was there to resell her again. In my heart, i know one day she might need this insurance much more than me.

Few days ago, Honey Lee was admitted to a private hospital who requested her to remove a growing tumour in her stomach. Without further delay, her family advised her to be operated immediately. The entire surgical procedure costs a bomb, but to her relieve every single cent is going to be payable by the insurance company. The little pain of the medical premium, saves her burden. Otherwise she would have a bigger pain now. I spoke with her this afternoon, after her successful removal of the tumour yesterday, she was glad that i had insisted her to keep our medical cover. The bigger pain was saved by the little pain. Or avoid the saying; "Penny smart, Pound foolish".

I repeat this statement - "Buy insurance when you don't need it, coz when you need it, you can't buy".


Anonymous said...

Darling Robert,

Honey Lee must be very grateful to you and the statement is very true...."Buy insurance when you don't need it, coz when you need it, you can't buy".

You have don't another good deed!


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the wrong spelling for the last sentence. It should read as:

You have done another good deed!


Robert Foo said...

Hi Honey,

Thank you for reading my blog.