Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My daughter is getting marry.

Today i had a chance to meet up with Chee, a good friend for almost thirty five years. Over lunch he handed a wedding invitation card to me. He was over joyed to mention his eldest daughter is getting marry this Sunday. He was excited and a bit nervous because he needs to give a short speech on that evening dinner. He seek my assistance to write a speech text for him. He knew i could understand him because i saw him getting marry and eventually seeing his four children grown. I didn't know a life insurance agent has to provide such services as well! I agreed and here is my script written on behalf for this friend.

To be spoken by Chee..."Ladies & gentleman, girls & boys, relatives & friends, it's indeed a happy and gracious moment to see all of you here today. Today is the marriage between my daughter, Mable and this handsome son-in-law, Brandon.

Before i go further, let me relate a story to you. Twenty eight years ago, there was a nite of heavy rain and strong wind. It was a stormy nite when a man and a woman were alone. It was bitch dark and cold, that permitted the couple to stay on bed all nite long. Nine months later, because of that thundering nite, a little cute baby girl was born. The husband and wife were very excited and happy, she was their first girl in the family. And i believe all parents love their new born. As the little baby grew, the parents had to shoulder many expected and unexpected life's problems. They had to care for her health and well-being, making sure she would grow up beautifully. They had to ascertain her education, guiding and showing her the knowledge and understanding of life. After she had completed her studies successfully, they were concerned whether she could find a right employment or career then. As adult, she grew to be more prettier and smarter, when there were many male friends who were trying to woo and court this little darling of theirs. As parents, they were worried again, not knowing who would be the rightful man for their daughter. I think all parents react the same, as all parents have concern over their children. No matter how young or old they are, children are always babies to them. Right? Coz all parents love their own children.

Today this little darling is our daughter Mable. Today my wife and myself are the happiest couple here, because Mable has finally found her dream man Her ideal man is going to release our responsibilities as parents to her. He promises to love our little darling as long as he lives. We are equally proud of this handsome and capable man, because we trust and have confidence he would provide love and care to our daughter. This interesting man is no other than my son in law, Brandon.

To all my guests who attend and witness their wedding, we sincerely thank you so much for coming to this function today. Thank you also for all your lovely gifts and red packets.

Before ending my speech, i would like to introduce my great son in law and his pretty wife now. Lets toast to this newly married couple. Yam sengggg!!!!"

I wrote and spoke the heart of my friend who has been working hard for this important occasion. Love has brought him together with his family, and love again has brought Mable and Brandon as husband and wife too. Before i left Chee, i offered another suggestion to him for the dinner this Sunday. When Brandon gives his speech for the nite, ask him why he loves his daughter. If he could answer well through his heart and soul, he would make a better son in law to Chee. Personally i am looking forward to this Sunday wedding.

For those who intend to get marry - "A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day" — Andre Maurois (1885-1967)

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