Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don't know where to place my eyes.

Wow!!! She is sexy and beautiful, isn't it? Talking to her could be a problem. As man, i really don't know where to place my eyes over her, if i am directly in front with her.

Many a time, we happened to be confronted by such gorgeous beauties over a conversation. We could either be seated or stood one arm away from each other. Should we see eye to eye and talk! I don't think it could be easy, because the bust line is really too irresistible to avoid. The shoulder is fair and the boob is tempting. Her perfume is sensational, her clothing is admirable, her hairdo is attractive, and her waist line curve is appealing. With all these marvellous qualities of a pretty lady, it is natural that all men are attracted to her.

If i do not look directly at her face while talking with her, she might think i am not serious. If i stare at her boob, she might think i am disrespectful and naughty. If i peep at her lower part, she might think i am up to something bad. Well! What should i do then ladies?

I spoke to some lady friends recently on this issue. They suggested that i should be brave to tell the truth to this sexy woman. Tell her she is a very admirable person. Tell her she is beautiful and tempting. Tell her she has a fantastic body. Tell her she is a beauty that all men would like to look at. They assure me the lady would love to hear all these compliments. For those men who are not courageous like me, i advise you then to focus your sight only on her forehead front when you are confronted by sexy women. The temple of the face is a safe place to look at.

Food for thought -“When somebody gives you a sexy look, you know they're trying. It's terrible! But when you smile, it's so much sexier!” - Joseph Addison.

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