Saturday, October 31, 2009

I had lost a good friend.

Last night i received a shocking message, a trainee pilot crashed near a golf course. The pilot was Mohd Ishan, a young man of 22 only. On checking with the news online, it was confirmed he was on a solo flight from Ipoh to Subang on a Eagle twin seater light plane.

I was trembling and my heart was beating fast while reading this unpleasant news. I had known Ishan since he was a baby. His father a self made man, was running a mini market in the other part of our town. Unfortunately he passed away three years ago with a heart attack, leaving a wife, a daughter who was 4 years old then, and Ishan. The only son was 19 then, had to shoulder the father business because the mother was an illiterate from India. With some life insurance paid to his family, I had been treating Ishan like a son, teaching him to replace his late father's role. He was a father to the family, protecting his timid mother and cute small sister, was a young boss to the shop and managing a handful of workers who were much older than him, was a college student who was still keen to learn and complete his education. For the past three years, i had been guiding and teaching him all about life. I love him so much because he was a unique boy who was rich in heart, intelligence, creative, prepared to work and to share, full of responsibility and willing to walk the extra miles.

Today while attending his funeral, his mother cried furiously when she saw me. She said, Ishan took up flying one year ago with the Royal Selangor Flying Club. At first the mother refused to allow the son to fly, but with much persuasion and sweet talk, he got the green light from her. He made the mother to promise not to tell two important persons about his flying. Otherwise he was sure, they would never allow him to take up this interesting hobby. These two persons are Kabeer, his uncle and the second is Robert Foo, his mentor and life insurance agent. I could not resist myself to cry as well when i heard this from the mother.

I am still pondering at the moment. I had given hope and respect to their family when his father left them three years ago. There was hope because the son had the potential to offer and there was respect because the family could live with dignity. My question now; should this tragedy happened so soon? who is right or wrong? is it fair to the family?

While writing now, i just could not control my tears. Though Ishan isn't my son, is so painful to have lost him. Through our relationship, our bonding has emotionally affected my feeling for this bright son. For whatever happened, there ought to be a reason and i believe God could have needed Ishan much more in another place. Over his body, i promised to see his mother with uncle Kabeer tomorrow, to provide advices and assistance.

Specially to my beloved Ishan - "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi quotes.


DengDeng said...

We dunno what is right and what is wrong until our last breath.....~

Robert Foo said...

Hi DengDeng..

Your kindness was a consolation to me in my grief.

Thank you for reading my blog constantly.

Wan said...

Dear Robert,
I feel sorry that you have lost a friend, who is much like a son to you.
It is God's Will to take him away, and I do believe that it is also God's Will to make you such a wonderful friend to others.
Please send my condolences to your grieving friends.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan..

Lets pray for him together. Pray that his mother would have the strength to move on in life.

renuka said...

My two close friends are his cousins...we were having so much fun on that day doing assignments. that night i received a call from her about the incident.. i still could not believe why all this are happening..his mother and Sharifah are left alone.How the mother going to raise the kid?Life is so unpredictable...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Renuka,

For whatever happened, there must be a reason. The past one week was not easy for me either. I cried in my heart for losing a special friend. I am soul searching and i believe i have found the answer. Will be writing about my feeling and learning on this part of life. Give me a few days or so, i will post it for all to read.

Thank you for reading my blog and please do come back again.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Ridzwana,

Ihsan had been almost like my son. He had been my keen blog reader ever since i started writing three years ago. Perhaps he wanted you to continue where he had stopped.

Thank you for reading my blog now and do come again.