Thursday, October 01, 2009

I am excited with my work.

It was my satisfying moment when i received this meaningful message from one of my client this morning. It was written; "Hi Robert! I just realised that my daughter's educational policy is maturing next month. What is the next step? From Mokhzidah".

I instantly replied her, "Hi my dear! How are you? Wow! Time really flies and here your daughter is already a sweet grown up child now. Her policy was effected in Jan 1991, when she was a cute little baby then. The plan is maturing only in Jan 2010. I will hand deliver the cheque to you because i am eagerly wanting to see this beautiful girl who looks so sweet like her mum. Ok my dear?"

Her next sms to me, "You are so sweet as always. I also need to confirm that the last premium payment date is Dec 2009. Right? By the way, how much roughly is the amount of the benefit?

To her again, "I am equally lucky to be blessed to know this understanding and loving family. Thank you for being such good friend to me. Your last premium deduction is this Dec. I guess the payment could be 35K or more. Most important to see everyone is still happily around, including this naughty agent who could still sms you now. Right my dear?

Her final message, "Haha! You are a consultant, and not agent anymore".

Before i ended my day, Yaakub, another client who saw our company's advertisement, regarding our agent's MDRT achievement, also sent me a late message. He wrote; "Congratulation for being MDRT for 26 years. Cheers".

I replied this supportive client, "All my good clients, especially the one who is reading my sms now, helped me to reach MDRT every year. Without you guys, i won't have been here. Thank you from my heart great friend".

The past 27 years of selling life insurance has been wonderful, seeing all my clients grow and happy with my commitment. The satisfaction of this career is when you are appreciated and being admired too. As long as i live, i will remain to sell as a life insurance agent.

Food for thought - "I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile" - Walter Chrysler


Wan said...

Congratulations, Robert on your achievement. I truly admire your ability to enlighten anyone and everyone. Thanks, Robert.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan..

You worked late in the nite too, the time and date could be seen.

I am glad you spend time regularly to read my blog. Thank you for this compliment.