Monday, October 12, 2009

Life is a puzzle!

Life is very funny! The young has little money but is wild and crazy, and is ever ready for love & sex. However when they are old and rich, love & sex might be a difficult task for them, because they are no longer as healthy and strong like before.

The most difficult part of selling life insurance is identifying the right prospects. The younger one is healthy and lively who is considered as the most eligible customers. However they are the least interested and have little to save and plan. Yet...they have all the bullets for love & sex. Of course the older one is wealthy, who has all the means to buy. They are always ready to understand the need for medical and protection. They are too willing to buy insurance immediately. However the saddest thing now is nobody is interested to cover them. Coz along the way, they have gathered much assets and acquired many hidden sicknesses too. Yes! though with money, love & sex isn't reachable anymore.

Moral of the story: Be happy and be apprecative when you are young. Spend wisely and plan early. Be constructive with love & sex and be careful to love your health as well. So that, when you are much older, your wisdom and knowledge would allow you to live joyfully for the rest of your live and yet love & sex is still possible.

Would you agree with this...."Life is a puzzle. Sometimes it makes us laugh. Sometimes it makes us cry".

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