Friday, October 23, 2009

Positive mental thought.

Erina did not sound too confidence over the phone. She was worried her business is dropping and complained bills are difficult to collect. She hopes to do better.

The word 'Hope' wasn't good for her. Hoping is unsure and uncertain. Hoping is either way, doing better or might not! I told her, 'believe' is stronger than 'hope.' She should say, "I believe i will do better."

A strong belief in our mind is positive energy. I shared my positive mental thought with her with an illustration. Most people complained, it is always difficult to park their cars in the centre of our town, especially peak hours. Not me! Each time when i needed to get a parking space during my working hours, i believed there ought to have a place for me when i arrived. Before reaching my destination, i would focus my mind with a belief , "The Mighty Universe, please let me have a parking space when i reach this place." Believe me! It worked most of the time when i would get one. Otherwise i just had to wait for two to three minutes around the area, there bound to have a kind motorist who would be moving his car out for me.

I don't consider this as magic or coincidence, but it is the belief of the mind that positively helps me to fulfill my good intention. I advised and encouraged Erina to test herself first, to see whether positive mental thought works for her. As far as i am concerned, it works beautifully and effectively in my day to day's life. Please try yourself too. You would be amazed.

Something for my readers - "Before you judge me, try walking awhile in my shoes!" ~ Eric Harvey.

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