Monday, October 19, 2009

Walking down memory lane.

Things change as the world changes. Fifty years ago when Ah Kow met Ahmad, they greeted each other with this opening gesture. "Hello Ah Kow! Long time no see. How are you? How many children have you got now?"

If Ah Kow could say he had a dozen kids, and all were sons, he would be considered as rich and successful. On the hand, if all his children were daughters, he would be a sorrowful father. Those days, the more children they had, the happier they were. Children were wealth and assets to them. Especially sons who could bring luck and strength to their families.

Today is totally different. When Kenneth meets Azhar, most likely their conversation would be..."Hi Buddy! How d? What are you now?" Follow by many questions; what cars are you driving? where are you staying? which clubs you go? what holidays you like? where do you normally shop? where do you dine often? do you play golf? where do you send your children to study?

Are those questions relevant??? The cars you drive resemble status image. Whereas Ah Kow had only a bicycle then. If you are staying in a Country Homes, you are somebody today. So sad, Ahmad and Ah Kow were living in kampong and in village only. Kenneth might be playing in an elite Royal Club, rubbing shoulder with the great guns in town. When Ah Kow could be playing mahjong in coffee shop. Azhar and family shop at Star Hills or take holidays to London for a shopping spree. While Ahmad did shopping once a year during the Hari Raya at the local China Town. Kenneth send his two children to the International School, and planning them to study in England later. Unfortunately all children of Ah Kow and Ahmad could only study in the National Government school.

Is a rat race of today when everybody is chasing their dreams and want. Is a materialistic world of the present when we tend to possess rather than to appreciate what the little we had of the past. Ah Kow and Ahmad were easily contented, they were happy and proud with many children around. Whereas Kenneth and Azhar insisted that happiness could only come when success is achieved first. They believe too many children would be a burden, while making sure their life style is at tip top.

As i walked down this memory lane of the past, comparing the present world of today, i still think my parents were much a happier people then. However i can't make the change and i have to accept changes in life, and be contented and satisfied with what i have and had.

Food for thought - "The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it" ~Wendell Berry

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