Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are you a sweet talker?

One of my buddy WW is resigning from his present job to join a marketing company. He has a great dream and felt further personal development could be learnt from the next place of opportunity. This is his sixth time changing of work, and he has just turned 30. Today over a cup of coffee, he likes to seek my view and advices.

This was my frank assessment for WW. He would not be successful in marketing or selling, unless he knows how to court and tackle girls. All young aggressive normal healthy man, I am sure would like to have girlfriends. Naturally is boys look for girls. In order to win over a female; a male has to be brave, understanding, thick skinned, fun looking and most important has the skill to speak effectively and confidently. Are you a Sweet Talker?

I have known WW for almost three years, and yet have not seen him with a special woman. He looks a normal gentleman to me, and I am sure he likes to be loved upon by a girlfriend. Selling is like approaching a lady, when the man has the intention to befriend the woman. Selling needs courage, persistence, tolerance, patience, understanding and the ability to speak well. If WW could not even get one lady out of the million, what makes him thinks he could convince the hundred or thousand prospects to buy. Conclusion: He must be shy and lack personal confidence. I believe all super salesperson are fantastic sweet talker and they have many girlfriends. Oooop! Oooop! Not me. I am a sweet talker but only one little darling.

I threw a challenge to WW. If you really want to be a successful marketeer, prove to me you could win the heart of a lady you like. I allow him three months to complete this special assignment. The last day is 31st August, is also our National Independent day. He left me with a cheeky smile, and I am wondering whether he has chickened out.

Specially for WW before he starts his project - “Sweet talks has the ability to attract one and all. On the contrary vitriolic speech keeps people away” - Yajur Veda quotes


Red Lavender said...

Hi bro,

Business Purpose of Sweet talk is to win the heart of the customers.

Personal purpose is to win the heart of Ching Ai

Other purpose, not necessary. Just be yourself, charming funny, sweet and honest..that will naturally beat the sweet talkers.

Robert Foo said...

Hi sister,

Have not seen you for quite awhile but you seemed to be smarter and clever. I still like you to sweet talk me. Please come to KL sooner.