Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you control temptation?

Physically man is stronger than woman but i had to agree with little darling, who said woman is stronger in controlling temptation.

Imagine this. A beautiful lady is sitting on the lap of a man. Do you think is impossible that this man is able to control himself by not touching and fiddling the woman. I think is difficult, unless he is a sick man. Most likely his mind might go wild and crazy, and if the lady is going to shake and move her buttock a little, the worst might come from him. Yes! Strong in physical, weak in mind.

According to little darling, most women who have no interest over any men, it's not easy for men to distract the ladies. Men could be sitting on them, their thought is the least be bothered. Unless she has the feeling for the man, she would not do anything on him. Yes! Weaker in physical but stronger in mind.

Don't believe, try this simple test too. If you are a lady, try twinkle your eyes to an on coming gentleman. I am sure he would smile in return and might not take his attention away from you. However if you are a man, please don't try this twinkling coz all women would run away from you.

If you are a man, protects your woman in every possible way. And if you are a woman, please shields your man from the outside temptation as we are of a much weaker opposite sex in mind control.

Food for thought - “It is good to be without vices, but it is not good to be without temptations” - Walter Bagehot quotes

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