Monday, May 10, 2010

Tipping without the pain.

Do you know how sincere is your giving heart? Quite simple! The next time when you are dining with some friends try to speak to your heart. You and your guests are efficiently served with the best services at the table. You are well satisfied with the food and the comfortable environment. On paying the bills, you are returned with the change of some red and green notes plus coins by the attending waiter.

At that moment, what are you going to say to the smiling waiter holding a tray with your receipt and the change. Are you going to take back all the notes, coins and receipt, and merely say a Thank You to the waiter? Or perhaps you feel uncomfortable to take everything back because all your guests are around? Not giving something as tips might make you feel stingy to your friends. Giving all the change might be too heavy as a tip and you would feel lousy to yourself later. Or you are the type who appreciate good services and willing to give all the remaining change to the deserving waiters, plus a nice pat for him or her as good encouragement.

Good tipping is not just a manner but also a personal measurement of how caring your heart is. Is only yourself who know how sincere you are at tipping. If you are the type who is willing to tip and to offer good compliment to those who serve you well, i certainly should rank you as a person who has a giving heart. You are definitely a joyful and a happy person and i am too pleased to meet you here.

Food for thought - “If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart” - Arab Proverb quotes


Sherif Ramadan el-Sherif said...

for me :D
I may or may not give him all the change depending on the quality of the service, but sure I will give something unless it was a bad service only :)

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sherif,

The tipping manner; not giving a dime or just leaving a few cents is like telling the waiters...your service is bad.

Giving three to five % of the total bill is normal practise in most part of the world.

If you like the services given, give whatever you think you have.

And you had commented very well here my friend. I am sure your heart is a giving one. May God bless you everytime you give.