Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Money for the charming lady.

This charming lady was trying to test my wisdom. She wanted me to speak..."I am Money!" I was wondering why of all titles and subjects she picked this word. Perhaps she loves money more than anything else in this world.

Well! I told her 100,000 years ago when money was not in existence, the world then could be more simpler and happier. We used the barter-like method to trade. We exchanged what we had among ourselves, we were not corrupted and we traded according to what we had. U gave me your heart and i offered you my love.

When money was invented, the whole world turned differently. Let me put it in poetry to this admirable lady who is expecting the thought of me as Money.....

Money! Money!

Money can make the world goes round.

Too much money can also turn our senses down.

Money isn't money if isn't utilized.

Money spend can contribute to economical growth.

More so, if it's spent to save a person's life.

Too much money can be evil.

Too little money can be sorrowful.

Just have enough would do.

Money makes us happy.

Too much money makes us crazy.

No money makes us sad.

Too much money makes us lack.

Little money makes us humble.

Too much money makes us crumble.

Money is important but money isn't de least important.

Money brings us hope but money also brings us droop.

Be happy with what we have and be happy with what we don't have.

Money would make de world but money would also make our dreamworld.

I sincerely hope my charming lady won't just fall for money alone.

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