Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giving sincere appreciation.

The Malaysian Chinese Culture is a bit different in bringing up babies. Never praise directly to a baby with good compliments. Example; your baby is strong, he is smart or clever or she is beautiful. Both the parents won't like these truthful admiration. You have to word them by the opposite way. They would be much happier, if you say... the baby is naughty or ugly. The Chinese here is superstitious, they believe if good appreciations are given, their babies might not grow to be strong, smart or beautiful eventually. So for those foreigners who are visiting our land, please be careful when you meet cute little Chinese babies here.

Is a bit sad, the grown up Chinese babies of today still haven't changed much. They have cultivated the old habits of saying the opposite way as giving admiration. Little darling of mine, likes to play joke on me. She saw a good posting on my blog, instead of offering a sincere comment to reveal her heart, she might say I had stolen her ideas and wrote what belongs to her. Or she might say, this posting is only 'so so' but in fact she admired it so much. I just wonder why she was so reluctant to reveal her real truthful compliment for a person she loves. Knowing this is our Chinese Culture, and perhaps is also the way we live, most people do not wish to tell the truth of the heart. Is difficult to give sincere admiration but to criticise and condemn is much easier. I hope she would change her thought when she reads this title today.

One more part, I like to share with my readers. A sad lonely lady had missed and lost her male secret admirer on the phone. Earlier both were chatting for many weeks on the line. The male was speaking so romantically and faithfully with her, trying all out to impress the lonesome lady friend. Instead of telling the truth that she loves talking and listening his voice, she spoke the opposite way that she is afraid to talk to him. The timid man stopped calling her the next day and the lady waited in vain. So sorry for the lady for not giving her sincere appreciation.

Food for thought - “Always remember, everyone is hungry for praise and starving for honest appreciation!” - David Brandt Berg quotes

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