Friday, May 07, 2010

Do you have a giving heart?

Ping is a very responsible daughter who has been paying regular allowances to her ageing parents. Though she is not the eldest in her family, her two elder brothers and one younger sister who are all married are not bother to understand the welfare of their parents. They always take for granted that Ping would take care of them.

Recently while Ping who was trying to arrange the medical insurance for her parents, she realised the premium has gone up tremendously due to the current high medical cost in our industry. She knew it would be difficult for herself alone to bear the heavy charges on the coverage, she seek the assistance of her siblings. The minute she talked and to discuss the sharing of payment among the four, non was prepared to listen and to assist. They put so much of confrontation and argument, until the sorrowful Ping had to cry silently. All claimed they love father and mother, but they love money even much more.

Out of sympathy, i had a chance to listen this story from this poor girl whom i admire all these years. Again i took out my yellow name card, and insisted Ping to read those lines imprinted.

She read aloud, "The Mind grows by taking in, but The Heart grows by giving out." Unless Ping could let her heart grows by giving out, she would not be happy with her brothers and sister. As an Angel, i reminded Ping that only those who have are specially blessed will have a giving heart.

Specially for Ping who is still in doubts - "Always there is a drop of madness in love, yet always there is a drop of reason in madness" - F. Nietzshe quote.