Friday, May 14, 2010

I solve the unhappiness first.

Selling Tips...

I was asked by some of my fellow colleagues, what is my effective selling method. I told them the best approach is the "Happiness & Unhappiness." These two words puzzled them. Read on and you would understand.

Each time when i met my prospects or my existing clients, i always see their facial first. The face, especially the eyes could reveal so much of their mind and heart. My senses and instinct could tell whether the person in front of me is happy or unhappy. Most of the time, people are unhappy due to many reasons. The common reasons are problems related to family, health, career, financial and love. When these happened, I would try my level best to listen and to understand the person's sorrow and frustration. A patience ears and an attentive eye of mine play an important role to the meeting. With some experiences of life and a little wisdom, i normally could provide solution to all those i met with unhappiness. If i could solve their personal problems by healing their mind and heart, selling life insurance to them is much easier later.

On the hand, if i met those who were riding high with full of joy and happiness, adding another love's product as life insurance for them is the right thing to do.

The key to success in selling life insurance is to be willing to solve and help those who might need your assistance, eventually without expecting, sales just come naturally. Unless you believe this statement, the magic might not work on you.

Our company's slogan - "Always listening & always understanding."

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