Monday, May 31, 2010

I sell Happiness.

My most often asked question. What is my profession? My answer is 'I sell happiness'. People thought I was a motivator, entertainer, singer, actor, or a preacher! I normally replied I am more than that. Beside these I am also a father or brother to those I had a chance to meet in this life. As long as they live, I would try my level best to make everyone understand the real truth of life and gather all happiness along the way. I am patience to listen, and my wisdom allows me to understand. Most of the time, I seldom fail to find a solution to my friends' living problems and obstacles. Believe me, the main factor for not being happy is always LOVE. Too much is not good and too little is equally bad. My presence is to make them realise what is needed to achieve true happiness in our societies.

Selling happiness is my profession. This happiness goes beyond death. No joke! Cause I provide the peace of mind which is tagged together with happiness. The whole package comes with a full program of Life Insurance product tailored with all the love gifts and thoughts.

Conclusion... my profession allows me to inspire and assist those that needed my knowledge while they live. In any eventualities that happened, be it as severe illnesses or death, they rest assured no burden would be bestowed on their loved one. Yes! I sell happiness from living now to the next life.

Happiness is possible when you have these -
Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profundity.
Kindness in giving creates love. --Lao Tsu

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