Monday, May 17, 2010

Silent Sorrow for the husband.

I had a chance to have breakfast with JL whom i have known for more than 35 years. He had retired from his business 12 years ago. Out of boredom, two years later he started to learn selling of properties. Today he stands tall at 70 of age when enjoys his new found career of 10 years now. Out of our conversation, i shared my ability of the 'third eye' at looking in him. He was too eager to know how i assessed his thought and feeling.

Brother, your eyes tell me you are at 50 over 50. Fifty percent you are happy and i believe the other half you are not. I am certain you enjoy what you are doing at the moment, especially having a career which allows you to meet people. However you have sorrow and frustration at heart which reflected through your eyes. Most likely you are not happy at home, you lack the inner love of yourself.

JL was caught with surprise. With a broad smile, he was frank to say 'YES' to me. With my patience and understanding ear, this was what he related. At 70, JL is considered a very healthy person in physical and mind. Otherwise he won't be selling, driving and meeting people almost everyday. An intelligent healthy man, immaterial of age needs love & sex. Though JL has a wife who is in her late fifties, has not been sleeping with the husband for more than 10 years. They sleep in different rooms. According to JL, his wife has lost interest in love making when she turned 50. Whereas he is still very much interested in sex, even till today. He is the type of man who is faithful, honest and would never like to take advantage from females. The wife is possessive, hot temper and the jealous type. In order to satisfy his personal sexual urge and needs, he quietly masturbates himself in his bedroom while seeing those video X porno alone. Each time when he finished his self satisfaction and entertainment, he felt lousy and disgusted with it.

There was a day, when accidentally his wife came into his room and saw him masturbating. Instead of care and concern, she scolded the man with this statement. "I am a woman who can control myself and abstain from sex, why can't you as a man. Shame on you!" With such confrontation, the husband obviously lost his face and pride.

I don't have to continue to write this uneventful & sad story, because i know you readers could understand what lies beneath. My good friend is living in 'Silent Sorrow.' He is happy outwardly but inwardly he is definitely an unhappy man. I sincerely hope this true episode could enlighten many couples who might be facing the same dilemma like JL and wife. Love has understanding. Love has care and concern for each other.

Silent Sorrow - “Tears are words the heart can't express”


Anonymous said...

I have a male friend and he is 48 this year.He has sex with his wife only twice a week and the rest of his needs,he uses a sex toy in which he would always does it around the evening time before the wife is home.Sad to hear this.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry--it shd be twice a mth--not twice a week--my apologies.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous,

Is not wrong to be highly in sex, nor is bad to be low at it. Is all given by Nature. The brave and intelligent would know how to over come their needs. It you are not...You have to face the silent sorrow like you friend.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

Варез - качай всё бесплатно.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah? I read and I understand that I do not understand anything what it is about:0)

Robert Foo said...

hi 4:19,

Looks like you are not fully grown up yet. Nature will plays it's course. So! You have to wait to understand later in life.