Monday, May 03, 2010

A tale of two bank notes.

Two newly printed bank notes found themselves together in a man's wallet. The first was a RM1 note; the other was a RM100 note. They noticed that their serial numbers ended with 8888, smiled at each other and promised they would meet again, somewhere, some day.

And they did meet again one year later on Sunday 2nd January 2005 at the 8.30am Mass in the Assumption Church. They were in the same collection bag with many other RM100 notes as well as others red and green notes.

The RM100 note looked as fresh as the day when it was printed. There were no stains or wrinkles on it.

"I am the highest note in Malaysia," it said. "People treat me with respect but i do not move much. I just go from one bank to another, or from one lady's purse to a supermarket a month later. Life is a bit dull."

The smaller note looked very old and worn out. It had stains of sweat and grease and two corners were missing. It had moved from one place to another, from school canteen to coffee shop to a beggar's pocket. It had even gone through a washing machine and had come out looking very pale.

"But," the little note said, "Life is never dull. Unlike cameras and hand phones that lose part of their value all the time, even if i look very old i am always worth the same amount: exactly RM One! And what gives me the most satisfaction is that i often go to church on Sundays, at least once a month!"

Story written by Rev. Andrew Volle, MEP...he really has wisdom.

Food for thought - "There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those."--Michael Nolan.

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