Monday, September 03, 2007

Being good naughtiness understands life better.

Its always nice to be admired by others. Yesterday I received a text message from Amy, a pretty colleague from our company. She wrote, "Si Fu (master), you are always in my mind. Do you know something, I want to be like you. An ever green performer in our career." My reply to her was short, "To be an ever green in our business, you have to be good naughty!" She was puzzled, "What do you mean? Good naughtiness?"

Amy, it is not easy to explain on text messages through our mobile phone. I think writing and sharing on my blog here, allows you to read with some understanding, and at the same time will benefit many as well.

To be a life insurance agent, one has to be good in personality, manner and character. Understanding the good way of living. On the other hand, 'good' isn't enough cause to be good is much easier, when most people tend to behave good. Do you know and understand the bad part of life too? 'Bad' is even more difficult to understand and to encounter. We were all brought up by the good sense from childhood to adult. Not forgetting, we were never shown to behave 'bad' in the first place.

Suffering is bad part of life. Do you know when those have no money or income, the fear and feeling are terrible in them. Cheating and corrupting are equally bad. When one has no money, he might even turn to cheat or to rob. Being not responsible in life is considered as bad in character. If one isn't responsible, he and his family might suffer later in life. Amy, if you are only a person of goodness, you might not understand why these people behave these manners. As a good person like you, you will not feel comfortable to associate with the suffering of the bad. However, if you do have some good naughtiness feeling in you, perhaps you will take some effort to understand them.

I had spoken many a time, life is not just all roses alone, because it has thorns in between too. Not only we should understand the good part of life, cause the bad part of life is equally important to know. The funny thing is, when you are good, you do not like to mix with the bad. At the same time, the naughty one will not like to be related to the good too. Good is most acceptable by all but if you have the good and naughtiness combine together, most likely you would have the both worlds in your hand. The good and naughtiness cannot be taught or transferred. Amy, you have to develop and cultivate them by yourself. To understand goodness is easy but to understand naughtiness, you have to be courageous and farsighted. These are not knowledge but wisdom of life. Conclusion; in life we have to be good but also understand the bad as well.

Amy, if you want to be different, follow this quote spoken by George Washington Carver, "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, that is when you command the attention of the world."

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