Saturday, September 08, 2007

Man will never resist favour for ladies.

Do you notice, women are always treated kindly by man. If ever they request favour from man who may even be a total stranger, that person will not decline to assist. What ladies have got to do is to ask with a sweet sweet voice, like, "My dearrrr or Misterrrr, can you help to carry my heavy bag?" Instantly the man will not hesitate to render his help plus with a lovely smile given to her. Perhaps this is the magical charm of women again, especially those beautiful one.

Pity our men! It will not be easy to request favour from ladies, more so if the woman doesn't know you. If you doubt me, please try to ask, "My dearrrrr or Misssss, can you help me to carry this extra bag?" Who ever the lady is, she will definitely stare and blink her eyes towards you. She will respond with a "Humm!" Unless she is your special lady who cares. Perhaps man do not have that magical charm like women. Whether is fair or unfair, thats the way our world was created by HIM. How I wish we were created the other way round!

Quote from Russell, "The key to happiness is accepting reality every day."

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