Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What your handwriting reveals

Many believe in palm reading, cards reading or even facial reading to determine your future and character of a person. However I fancy more on handwriting. Like a candid photograph snapped in an unguarded moment, your handwriting can say more about you than you may think. No matter how you are taught to write at school, your handwriting will eventually take on your own personal style and become a unique guide to your character. This is called Graphology.

I picked up this interest while selling insurance in the early days. All those who effected insurances with me, had to complete and sign our application forms for proposing their respective plans. In order to understand the character of each client, I took the trouble to study their writing and signing. Each feature of handwriting will reveal something about the writer's character. All features have to be examined and the meanings put together like a jig-saw puzzle. Small writing usually indicates modesty, but other features, such as the width or slant of the letters, may suggest that a person with small writing is also outgoing and friendly. I find the understanding of graphology is very useful because I would know more about my new clients better. Examples like their personalities, sociability, working qualities and responsibilities.

Looks like talking alone isn't enough to handle selling. You have to know by reading the handwriting of your prospects mind and thinking. Then you are truly a professional salesperson to compete with the rests.

Quote of the day, "You can hold your speech but not lie your handwriting."

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