Sunday, September 30, 2007

The hidden knowledge of sex's cry

Over an exciting discussion with some friends on romance, love and sexual intimacy, a hot topic was shared and gathered. When a couple is having love making, should they cry aloud when they reach their highest climax? Some said 'no' because isn't favourable to reveal one's personal feeling. 'Yes' is ideal but to be softly and mildly sounded. Should cry as much as you like to show your true emotion and satisfaction.

Our sharing were amazing cause we realized every individual behaves differently. Most of us like to cry with our feeling but the shyness holds us back. On the hand, we accepted that sex cries and sounding have wonderful effect on the intimate partners. Sex's cry distresses our tension and frustration. We feel much better when we yell or cry during the climax stage.

Imagine if you were to be driving on the highway trying to clock at 120km maximum speed but someone holds the handbrake to slow you down. Would it be easy for you to have a smoother drive? Or a mother caned a little child who was not allowed to cry. Do you think it is easy for the child to hold back his tears.

Similarly when we are extremely excited in our intimacy, it is not recommended to hold back our yelling or crying. Be like the little child who was beaten, don't be shy but cry to relieve the sensational pain. These are hidden knowledge not written or spoken.

Sir Edmund Hillary said, "I did not conquer the mountain. I simply overcome the fear."

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