Monday, September 24, 2007

Helping is better than selling.

I was about to leave for a morning sales appointment, when another client called on my mobile phone. He sounded sad, "Can I see you this morning? I need to tell you something urgently." I replied, "I believe is important. Let me call you back because I need to cancel my appointment first with others."

One hour later, I was at his place for I managed to cancel the other sales meeting in town. My principle in life is to serve and assist urgent calls first. Sales can always come later for there is never an ending on selling. Not when a client or a friend who needs you when they are in despair. I was glad that I turned up to meet this client for he really had some critical personal problems which he felt that I was capable to advise. I spend a couple of hours listening and trying to understand him. He felt much better after telling me.

Although I had missed one sales appointment, I felt much happier seeing a friend who needed my advices. Gaining a new sale is nice but earning the respect from a client is even greater. I had the honour to be treated not as an agent but rather taken as his best friend whom he trusts and admires. He believes that I will always be with him for the better or for the worst. He trusts that I am more than an agent who can deliver under any circumstances. These are my work ethics and principles for lasting the past 25 years in selling life insurance.

A quote given by a school mate, which will never be forgotten, "Success is always temporary, the only thing you'll have left is your character."

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