Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pedigree mates with another petigree.

A lady friend was complaining because her ex boy friend had left her. She raised her voice, "All men are alike. They only know how to take advantage on us. They leave you, when they have got you." I sympathised her and left with a remark, "Not true!"

Most men could be unfaithful but some are truly sincere lovers. Look at the streets, there are many stray dogs which are filthy and unwanted. Pedigree dogs are pet dogs which are not seen on the streets. They are kept in-doors which are hardly seen. Only those animal lovers know how to appreciate pedigree pets. Male sincere lovers or gentlemen are like pedigrees. You have to be a female pedigree yourself to acknowledge another male pedigree. Is natural, if it's a stray bitch, its chances of being mating another stray dog on the run will be greater. No pedigree will be allowed to mate with a stray unwanted dog.

A friendly advice to all ladies, not all men are bad and naughty. You have to be a true honourable lady to meet another honourable gentleman of your class. A gentleman knows how to pick his lady of his expectation and selection. If you are truly a great lady who has the love and passion, I am sure that great gentleman will be there for you.

There is a saying, "Is easy for a woman to get man. But is not easy for a woman to get right man to fall in love."

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