Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The one minute sale.

Have you ever heard of the one minute sale? Yes! All my successful sales start first with the "One Minute sale." My experience tells me, if my one minute sale isn't catchy and interesting, I will not be able to conclude the final sales. Most salesperson lost their sales because they do not have the one minute sale to start the actual selling. Or perhaps they don't even know what is the one minute sale. To them, they can't sell with just one minute of time. One minute is too short a time to explain and illustrate your products. That isn't true, if you know the art of selling.

Let me explain what is the one minute sale. Don't forget most people don't like to be sold but they like to buy. Explaining any products or services, certainly requires time. When prospects know you are explaining and illustrating your products, they also know you are trying to sell. Even they offer you the opportunity to present your sale, they may not whole heartily listen to your words and explanation. A lot of times, sales were lost mainly because the prospects never understood your presentation. They actually didn't listen attentively.

The next question is, how could you not be selling but yet prospects are eagerly wanting to listen. That is the catch, if you could overcome this obstacle when your presentation is ideally heard and understood, most likely prospects will buy. To overcome this first hurdle, you have to create a need or to arouse an interest, which prospects cannot resist not to listen. I termed this creation and interest as the one minute sale.

If you had intention to sell a program of one million, you should create a question like,"Mr Prospect, have you got a million cash in your bank account at this moment?" His reply may be, "No! I don't have such a big amount." Next question to excite him, "If there is somebody who can deposit this one million cash to your account soonest, would you believe?" He is stunned with a nope on his head. Final question, "I will show you the possibility, if only you can spare me half an hour or more to explain. Provided you have the time and keen to listen." If your prospect is attracted to your proposal, he will definitely offer you the solid half an hour presentation as require. The above three questions will not take more than a minute to ask. They will open an opportunity to create a better and favourable situation for you to sell later. This is what I meant as the one minute sale. With some practises, you can master the art of selling.

Quote of the day, "Successful selling is to sell when your clients do not know that you are selling."


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