Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is my smile naughty to you?

A lady friend read my blog and saw my face on photo posted. She text me on my mobile phone written, "Just to let you know, you look a bit naughty in your smile! Haha!" My dear, you are right, my smile certainly has some cheekiness. Coz I smiled with a mind of 60 but the heart is only 38 turning 37 this year. If I smiled with mind and heart as 60, my look would be unpleasant and serious that you might not even like to adore. At least now you are attracted by me and had the thought to even send me this wonderful message.

To smile with a heart of cheekiness, I have to be brave and to be understanding. Brave enough to behave with my unforgotten youthful past of excitement. Wise enough to accept the wisdom of life with challenges. If I delete my feeling of naughtiness, most likely I will age faster and I certainly will try to avoid. I accept growing up but not growing old. Growing older is mandatory and growing up is optional. My dream is to remain as young until death or at least when I reach the biological age of 75, I still can hold my charisma and value of life with naughtiness.

Marcus Aurelius, "No man is happy who does not think himself so."

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