Friday, September 14, 2007

8.4 magnitude intimacy

A loving couple was making love in their private apartment on the top floor. Although was only noon, they could not resist the lust to wait until the night cause this was their first encounter. Both of them were sexually intoxicated to the extreme without bordering what was happening outside. As the male was on his heavy piling over his sensational platform, the entire room was shaking. Glasses were falling, painting on the wall was moving side to side and they could see the mirror cracking. The female was amazed with the power and stamina of her man. She could not believe his penetration force was so great and intense. Out from her cry, she yelled, "I can't believe it my dear. You too fantastic! You are my hero! Not only you thrill me but you shake the whole room."

This happened two days ago, when South East Asia was shaken with a 8.4 magnitude quake. The entire region was affected by a series of powerful aftershocks. The couple was not aware of the tremors because they were too blindly engrossed to their intimacy of love. If you are in love with a magnitude of 8.4, nothing could separate your relationship. Love has miracle.

Love poem given by an Indian friend from India, "Love opens a heart and when it is gone it created a lonely void. There is no loneliness like a heart that is void if the one it loves. It is hunger that cannot be satisfied."

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Hi Robert,

Nice saying...

Just wanted to tell you, this poem has written by one of my good friend Bobby who is from USA. Thanks for sharing.