Friday, September 28, 2007

Love in our heart will give us the extra miles.

Jr is a hard working man and Ww is a dedicated lady worker. Both were our ex staffs who left for another company. I had not seen them for quite awhile. Lately we had lunch together, when they invited me as one of the platform speaker for their new company seminar. Upon meeting up with them, I could see the excitement over their faces. I am sure they are extremely happy with their new jobs.

What caught me most was Ww who looked so sweet and attractive through both her eyes. On her face I asked Ww, "U are in love my dear. Are you?" With a gentle smile, she said, "Yes! but how do you know Robert?" I replied, "Your eyes tell and your face is so full of love."

I am so glad for Ww because this is her first experience in love. She was so devoted to her career all these years that she had forgotten what is true love with a man. I told her she is lucky because when she is in love, she can perform better in her new appointment. I believe, "A beautiful world can only be seen through the eyes of a happy heart." She is a very capable and experienced person, and with this magical charm of love in her heart at the moment, I am sure nothing will stop her to gain success and achievement.

Meanwhile Jr was impatience, he interrupted, "Robert what about me?" I stared at him and pondered a minute, "Ah! You have the experience and knowledge too. I know you are willing to work. However you lack the final push. Your eyes tell me you still have not found the love of your heart yet. Sorry to say, your eyes are dull without the extra drive."

Sometimes in life, the miracle of love can create wanders. Money can be the prime mover but added with the magical love in our heart, it can move mountains and clear all rivers without tiredness. Even myself, how I wish I can still fall in love again.

It was written, "The Eskimo has 52 names for snow because it is important to them. There ought to be as many for love as well."


Anonymous said...

My wonderful friend, I didn't look dull. =) Have a great day!

Robert Foo said...

Anonymous..U are sharp! Just wanted to test whether u notice and have guts to tell me. Not dull but lack the mistery of love. Wait until u fall in love, u will know what is the miracle of love.
Thanks for reading.