Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sexiness is admirable by all men.

I think ladies have two types of sexiness. One is the external beauty of the woman. The way she combs her hair. The way she dresses herself. The shoes she wears plus all the necessary that beautifies her entire personality. Her elegant cat walk which attracts. She poses with a tempting smile that melts most heart. Her voice is soft and tender which captures attention. Her blossom are half seen and her hip is gorgeous. The swing of her back draws admiration. This is truly the outside sexiness of woman, when all men like to appreciate and to fantasize.

The other sexiness of woman could be seen only by her love. In the privacy of their room, the beauty of that woman is reflected by her magical charm. The transparent flimsy night-wear could arouse temptation. The perfume and odour from her body stimulates excitement of her man. Her loose hair, black bra and pantie are irresistible. With dim light and musical background, the entire room is just perfect for making love. In such sexiness of the woman beauty, all men will definitely fall madly with her. No wonder why man could not live without woman. We not only need beautiful women, we also need sexy ladies. Without these beauties, I wonder how men could survive.

My understanding of life, "The thing that counts most in the pursuit of happiness is choosing the right companion." Thanks God I am blessed to have one sweetheart who not only is attractive and intelligence, she is damn sexy and admirable in every way.

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