Monday, April 07, 2008

Willing loser is the real winner.

Lisa is a new interesting friend, I have just known. She is at mid thirty young and yet could understand much about facts of life. She shared with me the principle of 'Loosing & Winning' attitude of life. She illustrated with the challenge of arms wrestling as an example. In any friendly arms wrestling, both friends would attempt to beat each other to win. Its natural by human instinct, we want to win to feel proud. To loose is shameful. In the match of arm twisting, there odd to have a winner and a loser. I am sure in the heat of the challenge, both friends would try not to loose. According to Lisa, the real winner is not so much of the guy who beats the loser. Is the one who understands the pride of winning, when he knows he can win but he allows his opponent to topple him to win instead. As a silent loser, he congratulates his friend who does not know the actual intention. Seeing the friend laughs and cheers, makes him happy in heart and mind. In reality, the real winner is the one who gives way for the other to win. Coz he has the great heart to give willingly without selfishness in mind.

How true Lisa! In life, all of us want to win and most of us are not prepared to give. If only we are not selfish and yet willing to give, then the real winner is you. The next time, when someone cuts in your way, try not to be upset but instead let him bypasses you with a smile from your face. Or your friend hasn't contacted you for a long time. Don't wait further, call him immediately and tell him you are thinking of him. Or you need some motivation, don't wait for someone to tickle you, rather give those who are now with you. Or you wish your lover would tell how much she loves you, don't wait for that to happen. Phone her now and tell her how much you love her instead. These are the true winners of lives.

Mmmmm!! Not this, if ever happened. If your love is been approached by another admirer, don't give way. Otherwise you will be the real loser, if you don't attempt to challenge the opponent. Right sweetheart?

Mark Twain's powerful phrase; "The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up."


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
The wise knew that pride would made
them fall. Loving each other & giving ways to others will make life more meaningful.
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Man...

The only place where Loving each other & giving ways to the other will make life more in heaven. Not on earth coz it will never be a perfect place here. Those who could will be the luckiest people like u who share such wise wording. Thanks again.