Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The feeling of serving a client of 25 years faithfully.

Dr Singh and his family is migrating to The USA soon. He has been my client for 25 years. Before he leaves, he and his wife came to see me for a final review on his family life insurance covers with us. Over a good cup of Punjabi tea, we chatted and discussed all about our happy moments for the past many years. I advised him the various options on all his plans and he gave the necessary instruction to act on them while he is away soon. During the two hours of meeting, I felt extremely happy and wonderful because as an agent I had sold him many policies, when his family was younger then. I gave him the protection covers, when he needed them at different period of time. From the time, the children were still schooling, until all graduated. I had honored my promises to deliver no matter what happened to him. I felt joyful with pride, because we both are still active and are still growing up. He has done well as a medical doctor and he has being a responsible father and husband. All his three children had successfully graduated as doctors currently too. He is equally proud of me, as I have not deviated my career as a life insurance agent with the same company. He too has seen me grown, and knew how I had brought my children up where they are now today. Most important, all his policies are still in force with solid investment and strong retirement fund available now for him and his wife, as promised 25 years ago by us. I stood tall to tell him that my company has fulfilled our financial plans and I am alive and still around to serve him at this very moment. I went on even further to assure him, as long as I am still on Planet Earth, I will remain to be a Life Insurance Agent. The only different is, now selling becomes by personal interest and hobby for life. He can reside in other parts of the world, when I am just one call away from him only. This is my sincere commitment to him and to all my clients and good friends.

My strongest belief in life - "The most wonderful thing in the world can't be seen or touched but can be felt with our heart." Serving of 25 years in my career and to be respected, is certainly a marvellous feeling of pride and achievement that money can't buy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
Congratulations to You! I can feel the joy, happiness and wisdom you are sharing with us.
From Young Kat

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat..

I was wondering where had you been! Now that you are back, you made my heart happier again. To have a keen reader and admirer like you, is a most important gift for me. Thanks so much.