Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The silent love world of the deaf & dumb.

To be an effective communicator, not only one has to speak well, he needs good facial expression plus natural body and hand's language. Most salesperson fail in selling because verbal alone isn't enough. They need to understand their other combination of facial, body and hand movement to bring out the best of their words.

To speak without verbal is an art. To discover the miracle of the silent world, lets look and the deaf and dumb people. Although they can't hear or speak, they could communicate effectively with each other. For a normal couple to make love is easy coz they could relate with words to understand each other needs and want. Loving words like; "I need you. I miss you. I want you. I love you. I want to have sex. I want more and more. I am coming darling", are easily spoken with intention. However the couple who is deaf and dumb will not be able to say. Right? They have to use the next alternative by God given instinct of facial expression, body and hand's language.

A smart little darling who shared with me. Deaf and dumb couple uses the one finger to tell they need to have sex. Flapping the hands mean I want more sex. Shaking head means I am coming my dear. Biting each other means passionate, I cannot resist and I love you. A good sincere smile after sex, depicts I am totally satisfied darling. Not a single word or yell is sounded while making love, and yet the couple is so contented with each other. I have not heard or seen such couple breaking their relationship for any reason. In fact, they are the most faithful loving couple than most normal people like us. They stay together happily by non verbal communication.

For the normal people I suggest, try a few nights love making session without talking and speaking to your partner. See whether you can understand and be happy with the outcome of the silent world. Utilize and maximize your facial expression with excitement and enthusiasm. Add body movement with smoothness plus the hands to determine and show your true love. If both of you could be contented without verbal, I believe you have mastered the art of the silent language. You have reached the highest level of effective communication. Selling is so easy to you then coz your words are refined with more natural expression and emotion of body language. This is written from my 40 years of selling experiences as a communicator.

The powerful phrase I believe so much; "Do the common things in an uncommon way. The world is at your command." - George Washington

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