Saturday, April 05, 2008

Handbag is the pride for ladies.

Women are beautiful because they spend a lot of time to be. From their hair, face, body, hands, legs and, even fingernails and toenails, they love to decorate themselves. The hair do is always done according to fashion and look. Regular facial cleansing and cosmetic touch-up is a must. Their clothing are never the same. No dress will be worn within the week. Lotion and oil are constantly applied to tune their legs and hands. They even have packages for their pedicure and manicure. One thing for sure, will never be missing, is the handbag whenever they are out.

If you could check with any career ladies, all love their handbags. Without a handbag when they are going out, is like going out without clothing. Each of them could have a collection of dozen different handbags at home. They come in size, colour, branding, casual, business type for different occasion and outing. No handbag is purchased, if the touch's confidence is not felt by the buying lady. Each class of career females has different taste and requirement. The super intelligent one goes for the expensive branded design. By looking the way a lady carries her handbag, it tells the personality of the person. A successful understanding career lady, carries her handbag according to need and purpose of outing. Matching her status, colour to suit her dress and shoes she wears, plus the way she carries it while moving around. Not forgetting each morning when she changes her bag for the day, she cleans the inside of the bag and transfers all the necessary belonging from one bag to the new one. Just the handbag alone, women have to take extra effort, time and discipline to be good at. No wonder, why women are always beautiful. Being beautiful as they are, it allows them to think, plan and stay focus. Today most females are smarter and more successful than men coz men never border to be beautiful. We just remain to be handsome, which is easier to reach and to maintain.

Moral of the story; to be successful in life, one has to think, plan, effort, desire and be focus. Be beautiful like the woman. Learn from your sweetheart, you would be amazed, to be beautiful it takes a lot of energy to do it.

"The Quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour" - Vince Lombardi.


Panda said...

Handbag is the pride for ladies, yet it is target for robbers as well. Both ladies and robbers love handbag so much!!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Panda...

You are right, both ladies and robbers love handbags so much. The only different is...the ladies love the external of the handbags, whereas the robbers love the internal of it. Right? Thanks for reading my blog.