Monday, April 21, 2008

Food will taste better if added with a potion of love.

It was a Sunday afternoon, when I walked back into memory lane with a friend. I brought this friend to my childhood residence. An old part of town with wet market and food hawkers in abundance. In mind, I recommended my friend the prawn noodle store which has been in selling for more than 40 years there. Not far from this store, we could already smell the aroma of the prawn cooking. As usual this hawker store which is inside a run down coffee shop was packed with customers. In front of the shop is the bus stand, always with heavy traffic. Under these unhygienic and over exposed environment, willing customers were still there to patronise this pawn noodle. Including myself, I like taking this noodle too, because the taste is delicious and fantastic. All unfriendly environment were temporary overruled.

I explained to my friend why this prawn noodle is so popular, because the owner has got love and passion over his business. Although he should be at his mid sixties, he was still there to supervise his operation. Not only he was there to cook, his children were there to assist as well, plus many foreign workers to serve the plentiful customers. With his forty over years in this cooking, he never deviates nor distracted. He is certainly well focus in knowing what he wants in life. Simple in manner, contented in mind, he served all his customers with the original smile. His smile reflects sincerity and love of his business. His prawn noodle is actually added with so much of love that no other similar store could serve and sell tastier. While both of us were enjoying the noodle, we were admiring and trying to understand the pride and achievement of this great prawn noodle seller. In my heart I said, "Thanks God! I have love and passion just like him in my business too."

Chinese Proverb said - "Deep doubts, deep wisdom; small doubts, little wisdom."


Anonymous said...

Helo Mr.Robert,

I really luv your sharing bout

Sunday, April 20, 2008
The ideal qualities of being a male partner to woman.

How i wish MY HUSBAND READ IT!!!!

Thanks Mr.Robert,have a nice day!

AQSZ 21.04.08

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous...

I feel more comfortable, if u address me just Robert.

I had written many topic regarding egoism. Perhaps if u read tis... "Too much knowledge create egoism" dated June 04 2007... u might see something there.

I was also like your husband, until I undertand a little more on Wisdom of life that change my way of behaving.

Thanks for being a keen reader on my blog and also your sweet comments. Pls come back again.