Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happiest & saddest moments in selling life insurance.

I was asked these questions. 'What are my happiest and saddest moments in selling life insurance?' To the many aspiring agents, they would have considered selling a big policy and later to be cheered within their agencies. Or to achieve target and given an incentive trip. Or to be in the league for being the million dollars producers. Or the highest recognition for the year for being the champion of the company. These are the happiest moments for most agents. Perhaps I was like them too when I was younger in the business. Most agents need glory and glamour to be motivated in sales.

Not me any longer. My happiest moment currently will be to meet people and share my experiences of life. To make them realised that life is like a garden where roses are surrounded with thorns. We need to move carefully to appreciate the roses and not injure by the thorns of misery. I speak with passion and understanding. I speak with humbleness to reflex kindness. I speak the truth to earn honesty. I reach and touch their heart of all races and faiths. I do not discriminate but use fairness as my yardstick of judgement. With all my sincerity, I just hope to those I met and spoke, would accept me as their good and true friend. If ever my name could be left in one corner of their heart, that realization will be my happiest moment. Whether they purchase life insurance with me is not important any more.

My saddest moment is when prospect degrade a life insurance agent. So far, I had only encountered once in my life time in selling insurance. It was twenty six years ago when I approached a friend who did not buy from me. The remark he told me could never be erased from my mind. He said, "Selling life insurance is worst than begging. I would rather beg on the street but not sell life insurance." I could not work for days after being disgraced by that statement of shame. Later with courage and determination, I took those words as a challenge. I make sure, I will never be told in such manner again. Today I feel proud to be a life insurance agent who is there to preach hopes and life for others to survive. Thank God I am a true life insurance agent, I had proven to my friend I am not a begger.

This happy thought by Marty Varnadoe Dow, "I give thanks for the joy and happiness in life and trust God does indeed want me to be happy."


Anonymous said...

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Robert Foo said...

Hi Servidores...

Thanks for reading my blog. Sited your Servidor. Are u a Brazilian? Could not understand your language.
I take your hug joyfully...thanks again for the warm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Young Man!
I have learned from this topic as follows:-
1) No beauty is like the beauty of
a loving heart.
2) A strong will is all powerful.

Very good motivation to your readers. With sincere thanks from
Young Kat.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Young Kat...

Your beautiful phrases are added into my mind...what a meaningful sharing you gave. Thanks my dear..

Anonymous said...

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