Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Humour creates fun.

A friend asked, "Is that your last son?" I replied immediately, "Oh! him, the one with long fancy hair. He is my third son. I don't know whether he is the last yet coz I am still productive at my age."

With laughter and humour I explained to this confused gentleman. When you said that son of mine who is currently 27, is the last, I felt you were claiming I am unable to perform or active in sex. Indirectly you were telling me I am old and not capable to make baby any longer. For your information, my heart felt age last year was 37 and just turned 36 this year. I am too eager to start another family again if given another opportunity. Or if my sweetheart is ready and prepared to conceive, I am able and too willing to father another child. I still have the desire and strength. My present third son might not necessary be the last child.

Moral of the story. Never say 'Is that your last child?' to a person who is still growing up at age. That statement or question links to old and aging. Is a negative sentence with no humour. I prefer to ask this way. "I am not too sure whether this is your last child! Coz you are still fit to have another one more. Can you?" My friend laughed after when he heard those words.

Chinese proverb - "Be not afraid of growing slowing, be afraid only of standing still."

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